BabyGo Baby Cradle Cot and Stroller Blue

  • Name: BabyGo Baby Cradle Cot and Stroller Blue
  • Product Code: PXTMB00705
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BabyGo Baby Cradle Cot and Stroller Blue


  • ?The Design/Pattern shown in the picture may vary but the color is Blue.
  • ?The BabyGo Baby Cradle with Cot has a set of 4 wheels that can be easily installed as well as detached These wheels are strong and allow you to steer your child around with ease So now you need not strain your arm to carry your child, just put them in the cot and push lightly.
  • ?This cradle from BabyGo can be used as a stroller as well as a swing Therefore, you can rest your child in the cradle and lightly swing them to sleep This utilitarian function helps you save money as you do not have to buy a stroller or swing separately
  • ?The cradle cum stroller has a chrome coating which gives it a stylish look It has dimensions of 99 x 60 x 10 cm and is therefore compact As it is foldable, it is also easy to store
  • ?Product features: 1 Easily Detach and Install Wheels 2 4 wheels gives a best support to cradle 3 Chrome coating create an attarction 4 Canopy saves sun rays for Baby 5 Comfortable Sheet for baby sleepin 6 Works as Cot and Swing 7 Easily foldable

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