Race Car Blue Boys Analog Wrist Watch with 7 Color Lights

  • Name: Race Car Blue Boys Analog Wrist Watch with 7 Color Lights
  • Product Code: PXTMB00620
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Kidzo Race Car Blue Boys Analog Wrist Watch with 7 Color Lights


  • ? ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: Kids Love KIDZO! Every single watch is designed to be supremely cute or lovably macho - your little one is guaranteed to squeal with joy! Kids go crazy when they open their Kidzo Box - they literally eat, sleep, play & spend every moment with their KIDZO watch on. Don't forget its the only toy they can take to school (& always be punctual too!)
  • ?? HIGH QUALITY: Highly durable & strong watch strap, high quality watch glass, superb finishing and zero discoloration are just some of the features of this Kidzo watch. It's not only super comfortable for your kid to wear, its the absolute best that's available in India, at this range.
  • ? 7 COLOR LIGHTS: This Kidzo watch comes with a back-light that illuminates the watch at the push of a button in 7 Wonderful Colors! So the fun never stops, not even at night! Kids love to be able to turn on the light inside their blanket! Get rid of darkness once and for all with back light in this Kidzo watch.
  • ? BUDGET FRIENDLY: Go ahead and order 2, 3, 4 or more of your Kid's favorite Kidzo watches! We spend sleepless nights to drive the cost down at the same quality so a Kidzo watch is always within your budget & your kid can get as many as they want!
  • ? PERFECT GIFT: Be it Birthdays, Christmas, or an Achievement in sports, Kids have been known to go gaga over their Kidzo watch! Every watch comes packed in a box - a box that instantly delights kids when they open it and see the beautiful watch. SOW the seeds of punctuality early - give your kid a watch. The amazing design also ensures that your gift is pure happiness for the kid!


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