R for Rabbit Cuppy Cake Grand Stroller/Pram

  • Name: R for Rabbit Cuppy Cake Grand Stroller/Pram
  • Product Code: PXTMB00416
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R for Rabbit Cuppy Cake Grand Stroller/Pram -Smart Elegant Baby Stroller and Pram for Babies (Yellow Black)


  • Certified for safety: Cuppy Cake Grand is EN 1888 Safety Certified which is one of the most stringent certifications defined by European Standards for baby prams & strollers. Strollers are crash tested, tested for mechanical strength and quality of color & parts used.
  • One Hand Fold – One hand smooth fold feature to let your fold the Stroller effortlessly
  • Multi position recline - Simple mechanism to make multi recline positions and give your baby a comfy ride. Seat lays all the way back - great for new-born - and is easily adjusted to sit upright.
  • Reversible handle - Reversible handle lets you see your baby’s smile while strolling around town.
  • Wider Pram Seat: Cuppy Cake pram seat is wide which gives your baby ample space for limb movement. It can be used for babies who are between 0-5 years of age.

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