Marutham Wooden Walker

  • Name: Marutham Wooden Walker
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Marutham Wooden Walker - Nadai Vandi Baby Wooden Walker - Nadaivandi Wooden Walker Toodlers for Baby


  • Wooden Walker - This is a Tamil traditional walker which has very old history.
  • Nadai Vandi - This is made up of pure wood with no sharp corners. It is a hand made lacquered toy, carved by tamil nadu artisans
  • Wooden Walker Baby - The colors used are organic and makes no harm to the kids. Unlike the recent plastic walkers this Wooden Walker needs full concentration of kids to walk.
  • Wooden Walker Toodler - The brass bell attached to the walker makes very pleasant sound when kids walk.
  • Wooden Walker For Babies - Modern Plastic Walkers make the kids to wander around, but this traditional wooden walker will teach the kids steady walk.

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