Supples Regular Baby Pants Diapers, Medium, 72 Count

  • Name: Supples Baby Pants Diapers, Medium, 72 Count
  • Product Code: PXTMB003
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Supples Baby Pants Diapers Medium Size with  72 Count



  • Easy to pull up and remove
  • Upto 12 hours of absorption
  • Made from non woven, soft and breathable material that is gentle on your baby's skin
  • Zig-Zag channel top layer creates a larger absorbing area and helps in uniform liquid distribution
  • The bottom layer consists of gel magnets, which are hydrophilic in nature and absorbs large amounts of liquid to keep your baby dry
  • Triple locked enabled side cuffs, which help prevent leakage
  • There is an additional blue dispersion layer for a dry feel

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