Wireless Voice Control Robot Dog

  • Name: Wireless Voice Control Robot Dog
  • Product Code: PXTMB00260
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  • 1.My name is Fleck, a lovely, educational smart robot dog. I can tell stories, do Maths, play with kids by Q/A questions, tell common sense information, talk, sing, dance by remote control or by finger touch.
  • 2.Robot dog Fleck is controllable with 10 commands for long distance. What’s more? I have the unique and special study mode, I can do Maths ( from 1-20,plus, minus), tell story and tell you information by Q/A games, let ’s have a try. My little master, just press your controller, I promise to obey you loyally
  • 3.I am also a touch response puppy, I will speak when you touch me, I can be the best companion toy for boys &girls to learn speaking.
  • 4.Walking, dancing singing and chasing with kids is my daily activities, I am cheerful to give you a happy enjoyable family time, little master, just take me home.
  • 5.I am rechargeable with a 700mAn 4.8V Ni-Cd battery installed

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