Press and Crawl Cute Creeping Worm Baby Toys

  • Name: Press and Crawl Cute Creeping Worm Baby Toys
  • Product Code: PXTMB00190
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  • Cute baby toys creeping worm guide baby to crawl. Developing baby's brain, and sense of exploration.
  • Sensory Development: Baby playing the toy can foster its color perception, sound identification, direction recognition, and promote baby's sensory development in early period.
  • Hand-eye Coordination: The action of pressing the worm's back is good for baby's hand-eye-brain coordination, and can improve baby's hand-eye coordination.
  • Thinking Development: Press the worm to crawl, which can attract baby's observation, help baby to learn the causal relationship between its actions and the toy effect, and enlighten baby's thinking.
  • Motor Skill: The moving worm can attract baby to crawl and chase, which can help baby to exercise its body balance and coordination, and promote baby's development of depth perception.

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