Musical Instrument Blocks Elephant Toy

  • Name: Musical Instrument Blocks Elephant Toy
  • Product Code: PXTMB00182
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  • 5 IN 1 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS : The Jumbo elephant is made up of 5 musical instruments: jumbo's ears RATTLE, you can play pretty tune on Jumbo's HARMONICA, make music on XYLOPHONE, rhythm on the DRUMS, Jumbo's trunk turns into a TRUMPET
  • ROLL AND PLAY : This clever elephant on wheels will roll merrily along playing a happy tune.
  • PLAY A JIGSAW PUZZLE : Color match his seven parts together like a jigsaw puzzle, then take them apart ready to play a tune.
  • HELPS DEVELOP CHILSD'S MEMORY AND MOTOR SKILLS : Jumbo’s Jamboree develops memory and helps refine motor skills as your little one works out how to put together the different pieces for a really satisfying end result.
  • COLORFUL JOURNEY OF CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION : The tune that sounds as he rolls along and the music the children can play with the instruments all make for a journey of discovery and creativity.

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