Kiddale Steering Wheel Toy with Light

  • Name: Kiddale Steering Wheel Toy with Light
  • Product Code: PXTMB00170
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  • FULL HD 3 AUTOMATIC PROJECTORS : The images can be projected onto walls and floors or ceilings in a dark environment.
  • SOOTHING MUSIC, LIGHTS AND LULLABY : The toy comes with soothing music, lights and lullaby which comforts the sleepy baby and helps him fall off to sleep and keep a consistent bedtime routine.
  • HELPS IN SHAPE AND COLOR COGNITION : The color beads help the children to learn and understand colors in a play way. The different shapes blocks can be played with and also pressed to get different sounds of train, police car and fire engine.
  • 2 STAGES OF PLAY : Baby can sit and play or lie and play as he feels comfortable. Hence it is suitable for babies over 12 months+.
  • HELPS IN OVERALL CHILD DEVELOPMENT : This toy can train kids' vision abitity, touch abitity, motor skill together with hand-eye coordination. It is a perfect colorful gift for kids. It is made of high quality environmentally friendly non-toxic plastic which is safe for kids.

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