Baby Monk Wooden Natural Dyes Non Toxic Rattles and Toys

  • Name: Baby Monk Wooden Natural Dyes Non Toxic Rattles and Toys
  • Product Code: PXTMB00159
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  • Channapatna Toys - World Renowned toys known for its smooth baby friendly design & Utility. Manufactured @ Channapatna, Karnataka, India. Each Rattle (6 of them) offers Unique design, Color & Sound, and are crafted keeping Toddlers in mind.
  • Wooden & Non Toxic- The toys are made up of Ivory Wood which are quite Lightweight & Natural Dyes are used for coloring, making it extremely Baby friendly. Don’t be alarmed anymore if your baby puts any of this in his/her mouth ! Go Natural !
  • Excellent Choice for Gifting - The set contains 10 Premium Baby Toys & are excellent choice for Gifting to Toddlers between 3 Months to 1.5 Years & comes with a nice packaging too ! Gift your loved ones safe and natural toys this season !
  • Rattles & Accessories - The Pack contains 6 Types of Baby Rattles each offering unique sounds for baby to identify & develop its sensorial skills. It also has 1 Balance Toy, 1 Wooden Ball, 1 small wooden Comb & 1 wooden Teether, along with a nice jute carry bag for easy storage and convenient to Travel. And a small Surprise Gift !
  • Great Heritage- These toys are unbelievably eco friendly & are natural & safe. They are made by Indian Artisans having more than 250 Years of Legacy & Heritage. Every item brought here encourages them to sustain this traditional art form !

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